Prayer Ministry

Everyone at Park Church is an active member of the Prayer Team!


However, we do have some "key" people who start the prayer chain. 

Please contact one of the following individuals with your prayer request.:


Diane Edson - Phone Chain

(716) 985-5707


Kathy Schroeder - Text Chain

(716) 485-1984


Erin Gray - Email Chain

We are a House of Prayer and anything that we do effectively, as a Church, is rooted in prayer!


We have several resources available for you to use! 

Please stop by the church office to get more information on where they are located.

Special Meetings
"How wonderful it is when God’s people come together in unity, for there God commands a blessing.”


Men's Prayer Meeting

Thursdays @ 6 am

in Sinclairville


Women's Prayer Meeting

Thursdays @ 8 am

in Sinclairville

Saturate the Sanctuary
You are invited to pray outside the Sinclairville Sanctuary at 8:00 a.m. each Sunday, 

for the service and all who will be impacted by the Lord.